Victim Assistance Fund

Re: Borderline and Woosley/Hill Fires Assistance

In light of these tragic situations, many kind Sherwood Country Club members are asking how they may help. Sherwood Cares has set up a victim assistance fund in collaboration with the Ventura County Community Foundation (VCCF). VCCF has taken a lead role is assessing needs, securing funding, collaborating with local nonprofits and helping victims both in the short and long term.

Sherwood Cares will be sending a $60,000 donation to VCCF to be put into a fund to assist victims in both tragedies of which $20,000 is a directed donation from one of our very compassionate members. We can add other directed donations to this fund. If you would like to add to this Sherwood Cares fund to help victims, send us a check or member charge by November 30, 2018 with a note “Borderline/Fires Assistance”.

For Sherwood member charge, email with your donation amount and member number.

Or, drop your check made out to Sherwood Cares to the concierge, Steve Wilson, or mail to:

Sherwood Country Club Charitable Foundation

Please note: Borderline/Fires Assistance on your envelope.

All donations are tax deductible
TAX ID NO. 36-4766803

You may also donate directly at

Your Sherwood Cares Board Members