Success Stories

Wildfire Recovery – Your Donations at Work

On Thursday, November 8, 2018, two fast-moving wildfires broke out in Ventura County prompting over 200,000 evacuations in neighboring areas.  On November 15th, we received a heartwarming note and photos from our partners at the American Red Cross showing how they were helping with the recovery.  The organization sent teams of three to each of the impacted areas to provide victims with “Wildfire Kits.”  Wildfire kits include basic supplies needed to search through the debris after a wildfire: a sifter, shovel, rake, tote, dusk mask, gloves, trash bags, hand wipes, hand sanitizer, eye drops and a tarp.  They anticipate distributing around 500 of the kits to victims throughout the community at a cost of $60 per kit.


Here is a view of your Sherwood Country Club Charitable Foundation donor dollars at work.  Sad to see the destruction but wonderful to know there is help for the people impacted; truly, because of your generosity and caring heart, and the others that support your foundation.


Thank you to all who contribute to SCCCF, for making this work possible.

Anne Kratz | Regional Philanthropy Officer

American Red Cross, Pacific Coast & Ventura County Chapters


Giving Back During the Holiday Season


Bonnie Weigel, President/CEO of FOOD Share was presented a check for $10,000 by Mike Miller, President of Sherwood Country Club. Mike was joined by George Carney, Stephanie Hunter and Barbara Vass, members of the Sherwood Country Club Charitable Foundation Board. Ms. Weigel, several staff and volunteers gave a tour of their extraordinary facility after the presentation. FOOD Share distributes over 11 million pounds of nutritious food per year to those in need in Ventura County.

FOOD Share collects product at their distribution center from food service industry retail, manufacturing, growers, processors, food drives and donations such as our own. A cash donation is used to effectively provide $5 of food for every $1 donated, astounding and a tribute to their efficiency. They distribute to nearly 200 non-profit organizations in Ventura County. They serve the working poor, families, children, the elderly, disabled and mentally ill. No one is turned away. It was easy to see the energy and dedication of the staff and the volunteers who make up 90% of their workforce.

On our visit we were introduced to many folks who have made a huge personal and professional commitment to the success of FOOD Share. One, Rob Jankowski, shared his story about what he tells new employees and volunteers when they begin training with him. When he was young he enjoyed poetry and has kept that close to his heart even today. He makes an analogy from a phrase he recalls, “the scent of the rose remains on the hand of the giver even after it is given away”; he then says, “if you give to someone in need, you will keep it in your heart forever”. What a fantastic way to feel when you go to work every day!

The monies raised for FOOD Share were proceeds from the Sherwood Country Club Concert on the Lawn held in September 2014. Every member of Sherwood should be proud that the Club was able to generate such a wonderful donation and pass it along to FOOD Share. “Sherwood does Care!”